Romans 7:19a

“The good I would…” Romans 7:19a

Anita Diamant said, “There are no words strong enough to name the moment of childbirth.” Paul the Apostle found such a word…DESIRE.  As he writes, sharing the height, width, and depth of his theology to encourage financial support of his ministry, Paul the Apostle gives a poignant expression of what is lacking in his life and ministry in Christ Jesus.  In effect, Paul says, “I have not given birth to that intrinsic goodness, that God presence in me that comes from God.  It is my desire, but it is not my reality.”

So powerful a word!  Paul the Apostle was the leading evangelist and church founder throughout all Asia Minor.  His name and reputation for Christ Jesus is far above and beyond any of the elders in Jerusalem.  He should be content to go about his ministry, and continue in the success that he already has achieved.  But none of that satisfies Paul.  He has one DESIRE… to give birth to the presence of God in him, that shows through his demeanor, his character, his social interactions.

We are busy in the name of God in our churches, and to a degree with those we share relationship, but have we truly given birth to the goodness of God?  Poll the 5 closest people to you, asking them simply, “What do you see when you see me?”  If the goodness of God is not their first response, you must immediately change your DESIRE.

“Heavenly Father, my DESIRE is for you to show through me.  When people see me, let them see You.  When people hear me, let them hear You.  Come forth in me!  This is my DESIRE.  My prayer.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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