As you go about your busy day taking care of family and career, and even the precautions you take concerning the pandemic, I urge you to seek the peace of God in your spirit.  Be advised that biblically, peace is a war term, only spoken by the victorious after a battle.  

That said, seeking peace in prayer invites your Heavenly Father to help you fight against every single obstacle that has been fighting you!  So, let 2022 be your year of victory!  You have cried and worried long enough over things that (with God’s help) you can finally defeat and have peace over.

Let’s pray,
Heavenly Father, I have been weak and defeated long enough. Give me peace over those things that I have avoided and excused.  With your help, I am ready to fight for the peace that you promised passes all understanding.  I decree Peace right now, in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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